All nurses are encouraged to undertake ABC smoking cessation training. 


Once completed this means that nurses can become Quit Card providers and write prescriptions or distribute Quitcards for subsidised nicotine patches, gum and lozenges.

New Zealand's Guidelines for Helping People Stop Smoking are structured around a memory aid - ABC.

ABC is a simple and easy tool that all nurses can use to guide their action. The ABC pathway for helping people to stop smoking.

Ask about and document every person’s smoking status.
Give Brief advice to stop to every person who smokes.
Strongly encourage every person who smokes to use Cessation support (a combination of behavioural support and stop-smoking medicine works best) and offer to help them them access it. Refer to, or provide, cessation support to everyone who accepts your offer.


Training in ABC is available by accessing the new Helping people to stop smoking e-learning training the revised training is aligned to the revised guidelines  

Becoming a Quitcard Provider

To be a Quitcard Provider you must be smokefree. Nurses and Nursing Students (3rd year and above) can complete the Ministry of Health's Helping people to stop smoking e-learning program. More information on becoming Quit Card provider is available.

For additional supplies of Quit Cards apply here

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