How do we do it

Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa/New Zealand was launched in 2007. Our work was funded by the Ministry of Health in 2009. Nursing at Auckland University of Technology supports our work by providing office facilities and support services such as access to a biostatistician.


Working in partnership

An expert leaders group was set up in December 2009 with representatives from National Nursing Associations. This group works closely with Smokefree Nurses by providing input and taking messages back to their associations for dissemination and action.

Smokefree Nurses also works with nurses and healthcare professionals at the local level to provide information and support to their activities.

Promote Health Equity

Strategies for Māori and mental health nurses have been developed to address high smoking rates for these population groups.  A similar strategy for Pacific Island nurses is being devised by the strategy leader. More information.

Normalise smoking cessation education in nursing

A survey of smoking cessation education content in undergraduate nursing curricula was completed in March 2010. It has been disseminated to the Nurse Executives in the Tertiary Sector (NETS). We are using the findings from the survey to promote and support smoking cessation education for student nurses. More information.

Normalise smoking cessation interventions in nursing practice

A national smoking cessation seminar series was held in March 2010. The Smokefree Nurses website has been constructed to draw together smoking cessation/tobacco control information to support nurses in their work. Nurses are encouraged to share their experiences  through the Smokefree Nurses website so that these can be used for the enlightenment and education of others.

Within just 40 minutes, nurses can learn how to deliver an effective brief smoking cessation intervention, including giving people who smoke access to fully subsidised nicotine replacement therapy. More information.


Reduce smoking among nurses and nursing students

We want to support our colleagues to lead the healthy lives that they deserve. A plan is being developed to help nurses quit smoking.

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