New graduates need to be workplace-ready. 

In order to operate effectively within their employer’s standing orders regarding smoking cessation new graduates should have, at a minimum, the knowledge that ABC provides them with. After a survey of Nursing Schools in 2009 identified that not all school were teaching ABC smoking cessation, Smokefree Nurse distributed information to assist Schools to implement ABC training in nursing schools. A second survey in 2012 showed that there had been an improvement in the teaching of ABC.


In 2014 the Ministry of Health released new Guidelines for Stopping Smoking so it seemed timely that the education packs provided to Nursing Schools were updated. These packs included:

  1. New Zealand Guidelines for Helping People Stop Smoking (Ministry of Health, June 2014)

  2. Instructions for students on how to access ABC online Training

Importantly, there are candid videos where New Zealand patients who smoke talk about the kind of help they want from nurses. The videos show ‘What Smokers Really Want' from Health Care Professionals and include vignettes of real nurses working with real patients which can be used as a teaching tool for nurse education. 
a campaign to help nurses understand Smokers 'Real' needs
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