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Smoking rates continue to remain high among Mental Health Service users.  The Resources and Presentations below present information on reducing the burden of smoking on Mental Health Services Users.

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Health Inequities Report: Mental Health (AshUK)

Smokefree Skills Community Mental health (AshUK)

The Stolen Years: The mental Health and Smoking Action Report: April 2016

Tobacco Smoking and Mental Health: A Policy paper from the Mental Health Foundation

Beyond the ABC: this document designed to help tailor strategies to stop smoking to high-risk groups. It includes information and evidence on supporting smokers who are mental health service users to stop smoking.

Stopping Smoking Improves your Mental Health:  A systemic review and meta analysis on the change in mental health after smoking cessation concludes that stopping smoking improves your mental health.  'Smoking cessation is associated with reduced depression, anxiety, and stress and improved positive mood and quality of life compared with continuing to smoke. The effect size seems as large for those with psychiatric disorders as those without'.

Tobacco Smoking and Mental Health: A Policy paper from the Mental Health Foundation


Smokefree Nurse Symposium 2015.

The following were presented by experienced mental health nurses at our 2015 Smokefree Nurses Symposium.

Georgina Darkins & Jane Galea]Singer Mental Health Patients and Smoking cessation
Elly Richards & Karen Fraser Smoking Support Group in a Medical detoxification Inpatient Unit
Angela Spalding "What Day are you now?"

At the First Australasian Mental Health and Addictions Nursing Conference in June 2013 Smokefree Nurses again had an exhibition stand.  Delegates asked both during and after the conference if they could have copies of one of our graphic posters "Food for Thought"as they wanted to use it in their own settings.  So for those of you who would like a copy, please click here

At the July 2011 NZ College of Mental Health Nurses' Conference
, Smokefree Nurses had an exhibition stand and sponsored several people to present. Abstracts, presentations and literature from are available:

Mark Wallace-Bell's, University of Canterbury, presentation (large file)

Fiona Howard's,(Coordinating Consumer Advisor, Canterbury DHB) presentation

Rebecca Missen's (Hawkes Bay DHB) abstract

Sharon Lawn - a Smokefree Future for All



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