Pacific Nurses in New Zealand (NZ) represent 4% (estimate 1,940) of the total NZ Nursing workforce. Nurses are well placed in healthcare settings to deliver brief intervention to clients and increase the number of people quitting smoking.

Smokefree Nurses of Aotearoa NZ (2008) developed a Pacific Nurses Strategy in
consultation with Pacific Heath sector, to encourage Pacific nurses to engage in activities that will reduce smoking prevalence among the Pacific population.

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Smokefree Nurses' Pacific Strategy draft was presented at the 15th South Pacific Nurses Forum in Auckland New Zealand, 2010.

The Pacific Nurses Strategy vision for Pacific Health is for Pacific peoples living healthy and Smokefree. Furthermore, the vision for Pacific nurses is All Pacific nurses to enable equitable health outcomes for colleagues and Pacific peoples by reducing smoking in the Pacific population.

This is achieved by raising awareness among Pacific nurses to normalise the non-smoking heritage of Pacific
peoples; increase the ability of Pacific nurses to deliver smoking cessation brief advice by undertaking ABC brief Intervention training; Pacific Nurses to engage in nursing research on smoking cessation best practice for Pacific nurses; supporting Pacific nurses overseas by sharing information and building on networks to enhance working relationships along with support towards local and national Smokefree goals; and supporting smoking cessation among Pacific nurse undergraduate programmes, to ensure smoking cessation
education is included in curriculum.


The Pacific Strategy flowchart can be found here.

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