Smoking Cessation Research Review

The Smoking Cessation Research Review publishes synopses of some of the most important studies in this field with commentary for New Zealand health professionals. You can subscribe free. Issues published to date are:
  • Issue 28,2017 in this issue
    • Does smoking reduce brain subcortical volume?
    • Gender matters for smoking cessation options
    • Lorcaserin for smoking cessation and associated weight gain
    • A hospital inpatient tobacco cessation service
    • Understanding young adults’ perceptions of the tobacco
    • Using e-cigarettes more often benefits quit attempts
    • E-cigarette nicotine consumption affected by power settings
    • Machine learning algorithms identify predictors of imminent
      smoking lapse
    • Perceptions of graphic health warnings differ by sexual
    • US FDA 2009 boxed warning reduced varenicline use

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