What Smokers Really Want

‘What Smokers Really Want’

Nurses are the largest health workforce in New Zealand. They are ideally placed to help people stop smoking.
Nursing emphasises technical and communications skills, as well as respect, cultural safety and empathy for patients. With this in mind, Smokefree Nurses sought funding to make a video to give patients a voice about the kind of stop smoking help they want from health professionals in primary care. The Ministry of Health’s Smokefree 2025 Innovation Fund supported the initiative in 2013.

A series of short videos were made in order to show how different nurses deliver brief stop smoking interventions with different patients. The nurses work in their own ways with people from a wide range of backgrounds. They deliver personalised interventions which respond to the voices of the patients and are within the evidence-based Stop Smoking Guidelines.

Smokefree Nurses invites anyone who is interested to use the videos to
  • support nurses with delivering brief stop smoking intervention,
  • show real nurses at work and
  • address health inequalities.

Does 'What Smokers Really Want' represent the viewpoints of all smokers?
The videos reflect the views of the participants, not all smokers. In the feedback for the first video, some health professionals said that they have many clients who have experiences like the video participants.

Is 'What Smokers Really Want' a smoking cessation training video?
The videos support the New Zealand Guidelines for Helping People to Stop Smoking and Ministry of Health smoking cessation online training but they do not replace them.

What are the benefits of watching the videos?
  • The different ways that nurses work with patients are interesting and informative
  • The videos are unusual in that they show real nurses and real patients rather than actors or animated figures working together
  • Understanding how patients’ perceive their care and what they prefer brings the Nursing Council’s Competencies for Nurses to life.

Are the videos suitable for student nurses?
The videos are excellent teaching tools for students. Third year students (n=33) rated the introductory two minute and ten minute videos highly. They appreciated their realism and identified key messages about the patients’ needs, the nurse’s role and strategies to address the patients’ needs. They said they would visit a website to see more footage of specific nurse/patient dyads.  You are welcome to contact Smokefree Nurses for a copy of the evaluation.

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