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Smoking a 'Key Wellbeing indicators for NZ'

Statistics NZ is currently developing wellbeing measures in Aotearoa. Stats NZ are running a full consultation on what indicators of wellbeing should be included. According the Stats NZ, the indicators will monitor:


Here and now – the wellbeing of the current generation, eg life satisfaction and health.

Later – what we’re leaving behind for future generations, eg fish stocks and waste.

Elsewhere – how our actions are impacting on other countries, eg foreign aid.

Why include smoking?

Tobacco smoking directly impacts wellbeing. It is a leading cause of health loss, premature death and health inequity. It is also a predictor of future health and wellbeing. Smoking also has a direct impact on childhood wellbeing, health equity, financial wellbeing and the mental wellbeing of New Zealanders. See our summary at the end of this email.


How do I submit?

Making a submission is easy and can be done the following ways:


1. Stats NZ online survey

2. A short poll and comment box on Stats NZ website

3. Email a written submission to indicators@stats.govt.nz

2018 HPA tobacco control seminar - recordings
Dunedin presentations from April 2018

Tauranga: 7 June 2018

Lower Hutt: 20 June 2018

National Training Service 2018 Training Dates

Auckland: 12-13 June 2018
If you would like to register complete the online registration form or find out more about, go to www.nts.org.nz 
Can be viewed on the National Training Service website - topics include long term nicotine use, helping pregnant women stop smoking and vapourisers.
Group Based Therapy Training - limited spaces available

For further information contact edward@inspiring.org.nz






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