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College of Health Seminar: Professor Ricardo Polosa, University of Catalina, Italy 

Professor Polosa is Director of the Institute for Internal and Emergency Medicine of the University of Catania Teaching Hospital in Italy.  He and his research team have led clinical trials investigating the efficacy and effects of switching from tobacco smoking to vaping e-cigarettes among people with asthma, COPD and people with schizophrenia. He is a leading expert in smoking cessation treatments, and the treatment of asthma more generally.

Auckland: 12-1.30pm Tuesday 28th November at Massey University’s Albany Campus


Wellington: 10-11.30am Wednesday 29th November at Massey University’s Wellington Campus

For further information, please contact Associate Professor Marewa Glover: (09) 213 6059 or 027 2757 852

Smokefree 2025 Research Symposium

The second tobacco control mini-symposium hosted by the National Institute for Health Innovation, University of Auckland and Aspire 202, University of Otago.

There are limited spaces, so please register ASAP: on-line at https://uoaevents.eventsair.com/nihi/smokefree

Auckland: 9.30-4pm, Thursday 30th November at School of Population Health (Tamaki Campus)

Stop Smoking Foundation Training (2 Days)
Inspiring Stop Smoking Foundation Treatment training introduces practitioners and quit coaches to the background of stop smoking treatment models and the seven-session treatment Stop Smoking programme, which allows practitioners to deliver one-on-one stop smoking treatment. This training is ideal for anyone who is new to delivering stop smoking treatment and will be delivering stop smoking treatment. Register now by emailing admin@inspiring.org.nz or calling 09 525 5996

‘What Smokers Really Want' a campaign to help nurses understand Smokers 'Real' needs has launched on 23 October 2014. View the educational videos and campaign resources.

Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa/New Zealand have been working on the Ministry of Health funded Smokefree 2025 Innovation Project designed for nurses. Nursing emphasis technical and communications skills, as well as respect, cultural safety and empathy for patients. With this in mind, Smokefree Nurses have produced a range of videos to give patients a voice about the kind of stop smoking help they want from health professionals. View more information on the background of the campaign here.



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