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Nurses leading the way to a smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Symposium

This Symposium was held on 19th March 2015.  Bringing together nurse educators, researchers and practitioners with expertise in a smoking cessation from primary care, community mental health and hospital settings.

The programme included educator Dr Mark Wallace-Bell’s keynote presentation an elegant argument to the empathetic heart of nursing values where every nurse’s communication skills are as critical to the success of a smoking cessation intervention as the intervention itself. 

Copies of the presentations are now available

‘What Smokers Really Want' a campaign to help nurses understand Smokers 'Real' needs has launched on 23 October 2014. View the educational videos and campaign resources.

Smokefree Nurses Aotearoa/New Zealand have been working on the Ministry of Health funded Smokefree 2025 Innovation Project designed for nurses. Nursing emphasis technical and communications skills, as well as respect, cultural safety and empathy for patients. With this in mind, Smokefree Nurses have produced a range of videos to give patients a voice about the kind of stop smoking help they want from health professionals. View more information on the background of the campaign here.



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