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  • Beyond the ABC: now available a document designed to help you tailor strategies to high-risk groups

Schools of Nursing


A national survey was carried out examining smoking cessation education in undergraduate nursing programmes. The report was presented to NETS in March 2010. A summary is available here ( 4.17MB).

This lead to Schools of Nursing being given Education Resource Packs supporting the ABC model.


  • JENNIFER PERCIVAL RN, RM and Tobacco Control Advisor to the Royal College of Nursing has made three visits to New Zealand in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  On each of these occasions Smokefree Nurses organised a national series of seminars on smoking cessation with well respected New Zealand speakers Dr. Hayden McRobbie (1) and Dr. Mark Wallace-Bell (2). 

    Supporting materials from these visits can be found here:

  1. Recording of seminar with Jennifer and Hayden (2011)

  2. Slides used by Hayden McRobbie (2011)

  3. Slides used by Jennifer.  They are predominantly her own with some from Hayden and some from the ABC programme.  These were mixed and matched to suit the audience whom she was addressing.   (2011)

  4. Slides made available by Jennifer which specifically address smoking in pregnancy. (Please note, this presentation was devised for UK midwives which is why some of the references are incongruous but the messages remain applicable to the situation in NZ) 

  5. Worksheets used by Jennifer to demonstrate the process of change (Making changes worksheet.doc) and dialogue-openers with those who are resistant to/have issues with change (Smoking cessation Q&A worksheet.doc) or who smoke during pregnancy (Smoking in pregnancy Q&A worksheet.doc)  (2011)

  6. Recording of seminar presented by Jennifer (2012)  This seminar should load automatically.  If not please download Microsoft Silverlight which only takes a few minutes

  7. Slides used by Jennifer at her general seminars  (2012)

  8. Slides used by Jennifer when presenting to Plunket   (2012)

  9. Slides used by Mark Wallace-Bell (2012)


If you would like to use any of this material for teaching purposes please feel free.  If you need any clarification please email smokefreenurses@aut.ac.nz

1.   Hayden was instrumental in writing the New Zealand Smoking Cessation Guidelines and developing the “ABC approach”. He is working to implement these with all health professionals in New Zealand healthcare setting
2.   Mark currently works as a Lecturer in Health Sciences at Canterbury University where he teaches two post graduate papers on Motivational Interviewing. He is also a national smoking cessation guidelines trainer for the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand.

  • PROFESSOR RUTH MALONE visited New Zealand in May 2012 at the invitation of  Smokefree Nurses and ASH NZ.  She came to further the government’s goal of a Smokefree Aotearoa by 2025.  Ruth is Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences and the Institute for Health Policy Studies, School of Nursing, University of California, San Francisco. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Tobacco Control, an Editorial Board member of the BMJ and reviewer for other high impact journalsRuth, originally an emergency care nurse, combines academia with advocacy action to tackle a global powerhouse, the tobacco industry. Her presentations and videos are now available:


  1. 10 things everyone should know about tobacco companies.  This video of the seminar should just load when you click but, if not, you will first need to load Microsoft Silverlight which only takes a few moments.

  2. Tobacco Endgames: what they are and why they are needed.  This consists of slides and a seminar

  3. Ruth also gave a presentation on how to prepare your research for publishing and the slides are available here.

  • PROFESSOR JOE DiFRANZA is an internationally renowned expert in tobacco control, with over 30 years of expertise and experience in the field. He has advised government officials in the US, Canada, Ireland and the World Health Organization on the implementation of restrictions on the sale of tobacco to minors.  Professor DiFranza has been involved for many years in adolescent smoking cessation research, and has conducted research on the impact of tobacco marketing on adolescents. He has written several medical reviews of the effects of environmental tobacco smoke on children. His visit to New Zealand in August 2012 addressed the subject of adolescent smoking and slides of his presentations can be found below.


   -  How does Nicotine Addiction Start?


   -  How one good marketing idea can lead to millions of premature deaths


   -  So you think you are a social smoker


   -  The four stages of nicotine addiction


   -  The Pathophysiology and Clinical Course of Nicotine Addiction    


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