‘What Smokers Really Want'
a campaign to help nurses understand Smokers 'Real' needs


Smokefree Nurses, working towards a healthier New Zealand

Smokefree Nurses, working towards a healthier New Zealand

  • 5000 New Zealanders die unnecessarily from smoking-related conditions – that’s over 10 times the annual road toll.  Helping Kiwis quit smoking is one of the most cost effective means of improving our nation’s health.


  • 80% of New Zealand smokers wish they had never started and two-thirds of them want to quit.


  • Smokers expect to be asked about their smoking status. 


  • Dame Tariana Turia, previous Associate Minister for Health  says “We need to ensure people get the help they need to quit and stay smokefree”


  • Nurses are ideally placed to ask about smoking status, provide brief advice and cessation support.


This website pulls together practical information so that New Zealand nurses have a one-stop shop to help them deliver effective smoking cessation interventions.  The website contains a wealth of evidence based information, tools, networking opportunities and personal stories which support the valuable role nurses play in helping people to quit smoking.


So make sure that you become a Quit Card provider by completing your ABC Training here.


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